The Trader’s Diary (27 Nov 2018) — How Did We Do?

Take a real-life journey with us into the trader’s mind. We analyze real charts and execute real trades, so that you can enjoy an unparalleled educational experience!
By Markets Chimp

11/27/18 11:22 AM

By: Ramy Rashad, CMT


View the report: A Trader’s Diary (27 Nov 2018) — How Did We Do?


A Trader's Diary by Markets Chimp® is our latest truly one-of-a-kind educational product!

Using technical analysis, we will take you on a journey into the trader’s mind throughout The Trader’s Diary reports. We will show you how traders think in the short term, how they choose trades and execute them, and how they utilize risk management tools.

And guess what! All you will see will be actual, real-life charts and trading, published publicly days only after the trade.

The Trader’s Diary will feature unnamed stocks that we first analyze then immediately follow through with the execution of a real trade based on that analysis. We then will take another look at the same unnamed stocks a few days later to see whether the trader's call was right or wrong and why in either case. You will get to see the whole process from trade initiation with target and stop loss levels placed, all the way to the end when you will know what happened afterwards. Were we right or wrong and why? What will we have learned from every trade we made?

We will learn from our winners and losers, and so will you. We hope you will enjoy this unparalleled real-life educational experience!


View the report: A Trader’s Diary (27 Nov 2018) — How Did We Do?



To make the best use of The Trader’s Diary, we encourage you to join in the discussion via our different communication channels:

- DISQUS discussion board on our website.

- Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

- Our Telegram channel.

Share with us your views if you have a different reading of the charts we first analyze, if you want to challenge us, or if you think that our analysis is not correct. Please alert us if you think our trade may lose! Even more, you are more than welcome to share with us your own analysis and trade ideas.


View the report: A Trader’s Diary (27 Nov 2018) — How Did We Do?



Please note that The Trader’s Diary is for educational purposes only. We will not be sharing the names of the stocks we analyze and trade. We will only post the trades (charts and analysis) days after execution. The goal here is not to win or lose, although we definitely want to win more often than lose. The goal is to show you how a trader thinks.


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