4 facts about the Dow on Friday

Quick hints on US equities on Friday.
By Markets Chimp

2/10/18 1:05 AM

As US equities came roaring back on Friday on such a crazy session, in which the Dow turned 2.74% of losses into 1.38% of gains, here are some four facts about equities’ wild performance today:

1. The Dow tended to move in a wider range this week. This Friday, the index moved more than 1,000 points between the session’s lowest and highest levels and moved more than 800 points between the session’s lowest level and its close.

2. The remainder of the earnings season helped lighten the effect of the market’s correction. Better-than-expected results of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA) helped investors buy into the tech sector more aggressively.

3. Despite equities have shown some resilience out there on Friday, yields stood at higher levels. US 10-year Treasury yields were up 0.27% to 2.857%. such levels will remain a considerable headwind for the stock market’s stabilization.

4. Next week will be considered vital for the market to correctly price inflation in, as January CPI data are expected to be released next Wednesday.


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