Our Name

Markets Chimp

Why “Markets” — with an “s”?

Because we do NOT cover just one local market!

We cover the major asset classes (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, ETFs) and the major stock markets (from the far West all the way to the Far East: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, GCC, Russia, India, China, Hong Kong, and Japan).

Why a "Chimp" ?

Because the chimpanzee (otherwise known as “chimp”) is the closest species that we saw has a lot in common with mankind in general and analysts in specific! As for the former, chimps share more DNA in common with humans than they do with gorillas! As for the latter, we point to the fact that chimps can make tools and use them to acquire food; they even use sophisticated hunting strategies, and they can learn to use symbols and understand aspects of human language. Even more, they are capable of planning for a future state or event! To us, this spells “intelligence”, a characteristic that differentiates mankind from other species. Also, chimps exhibit analytical skills by learning from historical events and expecting future ones. This is the “analysis” part!

Our logo: The Chimp with The Bowtie

Chimps are quick and nimble as well as fast learners – some important characteristics for investors to have in today’s markets that are ubiquitously volatile nowadays. We get The Chimp from the investors on the street explaining the hot topics and stock tips in the markets in simple language. But we get The Bowtie from the investment bankers who research investment ideas scientifically. So, Markets Chimp is somewhere in between. With Markets Chimp, we will jump from one market to another (or from one investment to another) in the pursuit of positive risk-adjusted return. In layman’s terms, we want to help our users make money regardless of the state of the markets.

Our slogan: Old Fashioned Analysis

Investing is what people do all the time, unbeknownst to them! In its simplest form, when buying houses, people are using their hard-earned savings to make an investment decision. However, when it comes to financial markets, people become mystified and overwhelmed with the abundance of data and the plethora of automated trading systems now available in the market. It is to the point that they cannot make up their mind on any investment decision, hence making them helpless and incapable of investing in financial markets! At Markets Chimp, we believe it is best to go back to basics and stick to our old, proven analytical tools! Whether we use technical analysis or fundamental analysis, we will be using “old fashioned analysis” to help our subscribers claim their financial independence and build wealth over time through investing. We claim to be the Markets Chimp, but we believe investing is no monkey business. We will jump around the markets (jungles) for you, and … we will pick the right investments (bananas) for you. After all, if a monkey can select winners by simply throwing darts on a list of stocks, just imagine what a chimp can do with the wealth of technical and fundamental analysis tools we put in use for you. Become a Chimp today!